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Tips for Curious Tower(A.K.A Learning Tower)

Tips for Curious Tower(A.K.A Learning Tower)

Where and how to use a Curious Tower?

A Curious Tower is a safe stool where young children can reach higher platforms and participate in activities. Curious Towers are usually used in the kitchen, but should not be limited to only that area. The Curious Towers can be used in the bathroom, laundry room, classrooms and many more!

Cooking, baking, washing dishes - which child doesn't like these activities? Including the little ones in our activities doesn't need to be complicated, let's keep it simple. I am sure years later, you will reminisce the memories made with your little one  

Young children love to look at their own image, thus brushing teeth can be made fun if you just bring the Curious Tower into the bathroom for them to brush teeth while looking into the mirror. Do remember not to let the tower soak in water for a long time, just wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Often, young children love to imitate the adults. Wouldn't it be fun to involve them in loading the dirty laundry into the washing machine and hanging them up to dry afterwards? 

 Learning tower

Things to keep in mind when using the Curious Tower

Usually, the Curious Tower can be used starting from 10-14 months. A child must be able to stand independently to use the Curious Tower. As with many other activities, adult supervision is needed at all times. 

There are 3 adjustable levels for the Curious Tower. This ensures a long mileage for the tower as it can grow with your child. As a rule of thumb, the child's belly button should be at the same level, if not lower than the top of the Curious Tower. If the child's belly button is above the top of the tower, it is time to lower the standing platform. 

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