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  • What sets Unicraft & Decor products apart from other makers?

Unicraft and Decor sourced, cut, sanded, finished and packed all products locally in a workshop in JB. All items are made with care as the craftsmen and the team are parents as well.

The components of the products are also over-sized to support more load (for example 32mm diameter climbing rungs in Unicraft & Decor’s lineup as opposed to standard 25mm diameter climbing rungs in the market) and all products are sealed with non-toxic matte coating and mineral oil, providing the best of aesthetics and durability which are rarely found in the market.

With that said, Unicraft & Decor always aim to offer the best value for your buck and also provides 3-months limited warranty coverage for products purchased.


  • What is the concept of indoor playground series?

As a growing child, gross motor skills can only be developed when they are given the opportunity to do so. The best way to invite them to move their body is by having a convenient and safe area for play. Playing with Unicraft & Decor indoor playground series trains the gross motor skills of the child which will be good for the child in terms of balance, hand-eye coordination, building their confidence and also opening up more creative plays. In fact, this idea was developed by a Hungarian paediatrician name Emmi Pikler over 100 years ago.


  • What is the Montessori/ Do-it-myself (D.I.M) series all about?

As the child is growing, we would like to instil independence to the child. This means that they need to develop some skills on their own and accomplishing certain task with minimal or zero assistance from the adults. The D.I.M. furniture series is a tool that can help in that aspect. Dr. Maria Montessori is the brain behind this concept of letting the child to lead the learning, developing independence, self-confident and critical thinking.


  • What is the material used for Unicraft & Decor products?

Unicraft & Decor products are made of a mixture of natural solid Nyatoh wood and AA grade E0 and E1 (ultra low formaldehyde emission) high density plywood. Solid Nyatoh wood is generally used to produce security or main door of a house and the E0 plywood is used for high-end carpentry projects of hotels and retail malls.


  • What is the finishing of Unicraft & Decor product?

Unicraft & Decor product are machine cut and hand sanded smooth, sealed and finished with non-toxic clear matte coat and/or water based sealant and mineral oil. This makes the product splinter free and safe for children. It also provides moisture resistance for the wood, which makes them last longer. Sealed wood are also more aesthetically pleasing and smooth to touch. The material and finishing products adheres to ASTM F963 standards.


  • How heavy can Unicraft & Decor products take?

Unicraft & Decor products can take up to 80kg static weight unless otherwise stated. Please do check 'Certification' page for lab test results.


  • How do I care for my products?

All surfaces and edges of items has been thoroughly hand sanded to remove and burrs and fiber breakout. In case fiber breakout occur after usage, using a 240-280 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the area is highly recommended before continuing usage. You may use a damp cloth to lightly clean the areas that have been coated with clear matte coat. Strong detergents and thinner/solvents are NOT to be used on the products. Avoid using/storing item in the area of excessive heat/cold and high humidity (under direct sun/rain).


  • Is it easy to install or set up your product?

All products will be supplied with softcopy installation manual with step-by-step guide and pictures. A care instructions will also be provided to ensure the longevity of the products you have purchased.


  • From what age can the children use the products?

For the indoor playground series, children can use from 8-9 months old onwards. For the Curious Towers, it is suitable to be used when the child can stand independently. All products are recommended to be used under adult supervision.

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