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In December 2022, the team of Unicraft & Decor furnished a school in Cheras, a renowned Montessori school, International Montessori Centre. The school owner/principal prefers natural wood finish furniture and have all the furniture sized appropriately for children of 3-6 years old. Thus, Unicraft & Decor team delivered sets of natural wood finish, reduced size furniture as wished! All furniture is hand sanded and finished with non-toxic matte coating that can help to seal the pieces from external moisture, giving them more protection against moisture and mold. At the same time, the coating also makes the furniture easier to clean if there are spills or mess during the usage of the equipment. "We used to use melamine chipboard furniture for our centres but as they wear out, the surfaces become very sharp and dangerous for the kids. After we got some products from Unicraft & Decor, we know that they are using high grade plywood that won't have the same issue as the chipboard furniture we used to have as there are no melamine laminates. The finishing is smooth and we know that they can last a long time. Therefore, we have decided to fully use Unicraft & Decor's service for our new centre. We really loved the results and the final ambience of the whole centre with all the natural wood finish" - Ms Wong, owner of International Montessori Centre

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